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Something About December.

December 1, 2012

There will always be that certain time of the year when the wind brushes through your skin and all you do is rub it warm and hug yourself tight. In the US, it will be as much freezing as if you were locked in the freezer with nothing to keep you warm. Well, good thing it doesn’t have to be that hard here in the Philippines. But seriously, the temperature I can take, but being away from your loved ones is probably the hardest thing in life.


Yes my friends, December is here. It’s that time when everyone comes home from a busy day at work to find themselves all cooped up with family for a simple get-together. It’s that time when gifts are laid on the floor under a decorated green tree. Where tiny light bulbs are hung from trees outdoor down to the very corners of the house. It is that time of the year when people are most sentimental and conscious. When kids await by the chimney and hang their socks to see what Santa has in store for them. Or wake up on Christmas Eve and creep down the stairs and remain vigilant over the gifts.

If Santa were real, I think children and grown ups alike would be delighted in knowing that someone out there has his bets in saving all the people in the world’s wishes in over two nights riding on a sleigh with reindeers flying up above the rooftops, delivering packages one by one. People would write wish lists and stay up so late.

I used to do that when I was little. My dad would outsmart me as I hardly really ever stay awake to keep guard on the gifts. Or, those times when he comes home and his luggages are full of things I’d wanted him to buy. And yes, when reading this, you would probably get it that I used to be so much of a daddy’s little girl. I always loved the gifts. I mean, who wouldn’t? 🙂  But ever since my mom divorced my step dad, things have been quite different. And often times, there were instances where I’d close my eyes and pray so hard. If it wasn’t my step dad I’d hope for to appear, it would have been even greater to see my real dad stand before me and welcome me into his arms. But that would be for the later part. I’d spare that story for some other time… 😉

But there’s just something about December that I just can’t put my finger in to. But nonetheless, I, personally, have to say that I belong to the category of missing out on the family gatherings now since I am being so much of an independent woman, working hard through the hustle and bustle of the big city. I’d have to say that it’s hard being away from the people I love at this point. Sometimes we just have to endure that. Suck it up. Give up something and something good in return will come to you. The something good thingy might have worked out well because I’ve already seen it with my own eyes. And felt it. An advanced gift, so to say. And if this is what Santa has given to me for being good, then it’s already the best Christmas gift so far. And that is more than what I have bargained for… 🙂

So, I do hope that before the Yuletide season comes singing before you, reflect also on the things that make your life worthwhile. Probably then, it will be enough to keep you going. Probably, physically alone, but in spirit and emotion, those things keep you the best company and that’s all that ever really matters now.

So, just one more thing… 🙂


The Little Things


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