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December 1, 2012

The title of this blog is named after the Nth 007 installment. And why yes, now I do understand the quite complex title of the movie. And dare I say, it has actually quite got more meaning than the last movies I saw. And now, to get to the point, WHY DID I NAME MY FIRST BLOG THAT?

To be honest? I really don’t know. The name was just so complex that I had to make something out of it.

Moving on… for my first ever official blog, what do I say to second chances?

Well, the last month of the year full of gift-giving and food has come. And, such a good start to end the year 2012. But on the rear end, ending November as is was a nightmare. I had my fair share of downfall as such that it most particularly led to James Bond’s supposed suppression from the world and death of image. In my case, it was a turmoil in my relationship and I wouldn’t know where to begin with.

I often thought that mistakes were always given second chances no matter the situation, but yesterday, I realized I was wrong. Not all mistakes have the right to be forgiven and be given second chances. Because some mistakes are committed because of frail stupidity and some well, I don’t just get the point. My mistake was grave, but maybe it was Love that led me to this, love that helped me fix a what should have been waste of time and efforts.

Supposedly, my life was already in circles and I need not add anything to the fire to burn it my whole lifetime. I was quite sure that making the decision to push things through without no further argument was quite fast but altogether it felt like I was shot and voila! Bullet removed. A crazed decision not very often made. But somehow, I managed to keep my hopes up before I even took one step forward. It was of great courage and trust that even with the wrong I made, beau was willing enough to see things through and start again. Although yes, I know it may have been hard for him but I am sure that I know he’s trying to keep his word.

It just leaves me in awe that he loves me far more than anything else I could come up with. And from here, I can begin and start a new chapter. 🙂



Harrison Ford


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